AskRobo focuses on the latest trends in the tech area. Whether it is web design, content or just the trends in general, you will read them here first. Ok, maybe not first but certainly not last!

My name is Thomas. I’m a 32-year old, hard-working, tech-loving enthusiast and I love to write. For this reason, I started this blog, so I won’t be bugging my wife anymore with all the great news that I hear, see and read every day. She’s awesome, but if she hears any more tech news, which she doesn’t quite understand anyway, I fear she might lose it. (Just joking, but there’s a little truth in every joke, right?)

This blog is for everyone who wants to stay up to date as the tech industry evolves and changes quite frequently and sometimes it’s quite hard to follow. Plus I am also going to share some trends with you that you don’t need to follow or that are not worth your attention yet. I’d also like to give you a heads up on what you need to know, what is nice to know but not necessary and which trends are completely unnecessary. I started this page because I felt like the big magazines included every possible news that might be somehow tech related, even if it was only by five percent. But I wanted a site where only the necessary things get posted. I mean, the important stuff. So, here I am and I hope I will be able to keep this promise to you and myself.

I will be posting about software, IT news, and trends in general as long as they are all tech related by a hundred percent and nothing less. So all you nerds, geeks and IT lovers out there, this blog is for you! I have been a geek all my life, and due to my job, I have to keep myself updated on trends every day. I hope you enjoy it, cheers!