Using a Software to Transcribe Audio to Text

There are numerous reasons why businesses, journalists, lawyers, medicals or students need or should transcribe audio to text. Some may be more obvious than others, but they all state that audio transcriptions are an important task and are in high demand. An obvious reason is for example that a student is recording a lecture for better review later. This way he can listen to everything the professor said again and memorize important facts better.

A student already has a lot to study for so the transcription shouldn’t consume even more of his precious time. Therefore he uses an automated transcription software that converts his file to a text document in just a few minutes or maybe an hour, and he just has to proofread it for some small mistakes. Plus while the software works for him, he can already set focus points on specific parts, facts or dates. A written transcript makes memorizing the various and countless lectures before exams way easier and saves students a lot of time which they can invest in more important tasks.

Another reason a transcription from an audio file to a text version can be the need for subtitles. It is very time-consuming listening and watching the movie while trying to get the text completely right. You’d have to watch specific parts repeatedly, while with software you can just watch as the program does the work for you and keep an eye out for mistakes. You’ll have half of the work and probably still finish up earlier than usual. A classic win-win situation for everyone.

Search engine optimization though is a not so obvious reason to transcribe audio to text. Many might not even know what search engine optimization, short SEO, is and what it does. Well, in a nutshell, it is a way that your website gets ranked high for specific search words in Google. So if you have a travel site, you’d probably like to appear first when someone searches for the word travel on Google.

You can achieve this by having content on your site that mentions the words you want to rank for on the search engines. However, if you use a lot of video or audio on your website, it is hard for Google, Bing or Yahoo to determine the topical relevancy of your site.  The reason why is because search engines can’t run its algorithm through that kind of files, it only works with written text. So it might be a good idea to transcribe your audio files and videos and give your visitors a little view into those files.

Or maybe you want to make your podcasts more attractive for certain keywords, which is also an excellent opportunity to use software that transcribes audio to text. This way you can record your session, edit it, let it run through the transcription software and then promote your podcast with a short excerpt or its main points.